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Les parfums ont le pouvoir de transformer nos coeurs, nos vies, nos chemins...

Invisibles mais perceptibles, intouchables mais touchants,

Ils sont au coeur ce que le sillage est à la mer,

Traces du soleil levant au couchant,

Amour à demi-mot et flamboyant,

Joie dans l'amer,

Hôte aimant,

Début sans fin,

Ôde aux commencements...


You’re the chimney and the fire, the sparkle and the crackling sound of breath coming back into a soul;


Since you came into my heart, I know am not alone anymore.


Path to the strong side of me, you’re that melody which never ceases to invite me to new daring shores.


I say “you”, for you have all the beauty and strength of a complete personality.


Someone I know, yet not, someone I love, yet share, someone I am grateful for, who reinvented care.


Should you be smoke, you’d travel to eternity.


Should you be incense, you’d take us to immortality.


Should you be a material, you’d be cashmere.


Should you be a color, you’d be a new one, that of the impossible inviting us to believe in him and join him on new shores blending black and white sand with an undying sun merging with foamy waves.


Yes, “Revolution” you are, by Trudon, to me, and so many.


You are beauty and wildness untamed but docile to kindness.


Since you, there’s a new me. “Révolution”, j’écris ton nom !


With my most respectful gratitude for Lyn Harris, genius who created "Révolution" for Cire Trudon.

This perfume literally changed my life for the best.

"L ' A m o u r   n e  p a s s e r a  j a m a i s "

Saint Paul

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